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RIA "FederalPress" works in all federal districts of the Russian Federation. It has an extensive network of correspondent bureaus and branches both in over 80 regions of Russia.



"Municipality" is an all-Russian magazine for heads and specialists of local self-government. In 2022, the magazine turns 25. It has been published since September 1997. The circulation is 15 thousand copies. It is published throughout Russia and abroad. The magazine is accredited by two Chambers of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation.

"Ekograd. Moscow Journal of Ecology "

The popular science magazine published by the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the city Moscow. Themes: econews, the first faces of the urban ecology, ecoprojects and discussions, the history of the Moscow ecosystems, citizens about environmental issues, scientific developments in the ecosphere, travel, etc.


"The Environment of St. Petersburg" is an urban environmental non-fiction journal, which is issued together by the SPb SBI Mineral and Committee for Nature Use, Environmental Protection and Ecological Safety. In this journal you can find current news of nature management, ecological expert’s points of view, etc.



«Risk management. Practice» is a business publication focused on highlighting practical cases of large Russian and foreign companies in the field of risk management, analyzing the best practices and technologies for applying risk management practices, including exclusive interviews and comments from representatives of the professional community, an overview of key events, training issues.


«Strategic decisions and risk management» is a peer-reviewed scientific journal. The aim of the publication is to create a two-way publishing platform for interaction between authors and readers in order to support international research in the field of strategic management, strategic decision-making and risk management. Included in leading scientometric databases.


Budget magazine” is a professional magazine for public financiers and economists. Published 12 times a year, it features articles on public finance, public administration, urban and regional economics. Editorial board of “Budget magazine” includes high officials from Ministry of Finance, State Duma and the Russian Treasury.


Expert. Center of Analytics (Expert North-West) is a multi-vector analytical project in the field of GR-communications, studying the economy, Russian and international business, social and political processes, science, innovations.

"Expert North-West" believes it is necessary to create a relevant agenda, contributing to the rapid effective social and economic development of the country, as well as to focus not on problems, but on opportunities, to judge the events of international politics based on how beneficial it is for Russia. - is a St. Petersburg online media outlet. We cover what happens in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region, as well as important stories in Russia and around the world. We talk about what our city does for its citizens and what they can do for it.

The scientific and practical journal "Local Law" has been published since 1999. It is intended for managers and specialists of regional and local authorities. The magazine provides an analysis of federal and regional legislation, reviews and documents of events at the federal, regional and local levels on issues of local self-government.


CongressTime is the industry magazine in Russia about congresses and business events in Russia  and abroad. The magazine covers the specifics of the work of industry unions and professional associations, business and scientific associations. Particular attention is paid to the preparation and holding of major scientific and business events.





"City 812" has been published in St. Petersburg since 2002. This is a magazine not only about St. Petersburg, but also about everything that may be interesting to thinking readers. The task of the magazine is an adequate explanation of what is happening and a qualitative forecast. The magazine and its authors are the owners of many professional awards: "Golden Pen", "Sesame", "Golden Nail", the Government of St. Petersburg in the field of journalism, etc.



Mashnews information and analytical portal is a publication that writes about what is happening in the Russian industry. Mashnews is not only an Internet portal . Movies and stories are released on the Math news TV youtube channel. In the network of telegram channels that we run, the main one is "Industry News".




The Federal Autonomous Scientific Institution "Eastern State Planning Center" conducts scientific and expert-analytical research into the socio-economic development of the Far East and the Arctic, elaborates development plans and forecasts, and creates digital information and analytical systems.


Saint Petersburg Technopark was founded in 2008 with the aim of developing small and medium-sized businesses, cluster projects and high-tech ventures. All activities of the company are carried out with the support of the Committee for Industrial Policy, Innovation and Trade of St. Petersburg.



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