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«Parlamentskaya gazeta» is the official weekly edition of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation. Published since 1998. The founders of the newspaper – the State Duma and the Federation Council. The publication is the official publisher of Federal laws, regulations, acts and other documents of the Federal Assembly. «Parlamentskaya gazeta» has press points and representations in eleven regions. The newspaper is among the top 10 most cited Russian media according to the «Medialogia». The website of the «Parlamentskaya gazeta» ( is a source of news and reliable information about the laws adopted in the country and the activities of deputies and senators.

The journal «Regions of Russia»

The leading political edition of the country shining a political and economic life of the Russian regions, acting as a debatable platform concerning interaction of subjects of the Russian Federation and the federal centre. Edition audience: heads of federal, regional and municipal authorities, State Corporation "Rostech", Russian Engineering Union and companies of national importance. Distribution: subscription and mailing in 85 regions of Russia.



«Local law»

The scientific and practical journal "Local law" has been published since 1999 with the support of the State Duma Committee on Federal structure and local self-government, the all-Russian Congress of municipalities, the National Association of territorial public self-government, the Federal expert Council of local and public self-government and local communities. Recommended by the Higher attestation Commission of the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation. It is intended for managers and specialists of local authorities. The journal provides an analysis of Federal and regional legislation, reviews and documents of Federal, regional and local level activities on LSG issues. The journal is included in the database of the Russian science citation index (RSCI) and the Electronic library of scientific publications eLIBRARY.RU


"The Environment of St. Petersburg"

"The Environment of St. Petersburg" is an urban environmental non-fiction journal, which is issued together by the SC “Mineral” and Committee for Nature Use, Environmental Protection and Ecological Safety. In this journal you can find current news of nature management, ecological expert’s points of view, etc.



15.08.2022 : Программный модуль

В разделе «Программа» появилось подробное описание всех акций Форума

04.08.2022 : Программа Форума стратегов

Размещена двухдневная программа Форума

15.07.2022 : Семинар «Территориальное стратегирование: ретроспектива и перспектива»

15 июля 2022 года в рамках серии Навстречу Форуму стратегов прошел семинар «Территориальное стратегирование: ретроспектива и перспектива»

14.07.2022 : Генеральный партнер Форума

Генеральным партнером Форума стала платформа доступа к данным «ИНИД»

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