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A.3. Side Event. Breakfast Meeting. Strategists club. Government and business: finding a balance when implementing key development projects
2.B1. Panel Session. The First Five Years of Strategic Planning under the Federal Law № 172-FZ: Remembering the Past
2.B5. Discussion. Strategies for Macro-Regions as a Tool for Interregional Cooperation
8.B5. Open Discussion. Leningrad Region Strategy for Action
2.G9. Round Table. National Projects and Social Needs
3.B1. Strategic Session. The First Five Years of Strategic Planning under the Federal Law № 172-FZ: National Goals - the Path to Outcomes
3.B5. Round Table. Implementation of National Projects in the Regions: Financial Aspects
2.G7. Round Table. National Projects and Territories: Effective Solutions and Implementation Challenges
4.B1. TED-talks and Master Class. Platform for Strategic Decisions
3.G7. Round Table. Higher Education Institutions as Subjects of Territorial Development
4.B5. Contest. VI Municipal Strategy Contest 2019: Finals
4.G7. Round Table. Territories and Digitalization: a New Quality of Life
8.G7. Panel Discussion. Communication Formats and Practices of Network Communities Involvement in the Strategic Planning Process
2.B2. Academic Conference. Session 1. New Urban Mobility Development Prospects: How to Ensure Safety, Efficiency and Multimodality
3.B2. Academic Conference. Session 2. New Urban Mobility Development Prospects: How to Ensure Safety, Efficiency and Multimodality
8.B1. Round Table. Prospects for Technological Transformation of the Economy and Society: TRENDS 2.0 Project Outcomes
3.G9. Round Table. Creating Common Platforms towards Sustainable Development of Macro-Regions: North-West Russian Federal District Strategy and the European Union Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region
7.G9. Panel Discussion. The Relationship between Strategic Planning Tools, Policy Instruments and Project Management Tools for Territorial Development
3.B4. Panel Discussion. The 2030 Agenda: How to Make Cities Happy Places to Live for Urban Residents
7.G7. Round Table. Strategic Consultant and Client: Interaction Models
6.B2. Foresight Session. Strategies and Best Cluster Practices for Transition to a Circular Economy for Sustainable Urban Development
7.B5. Round Table. National Projects: Project Management in the Public Sector (Expectations and Reality)
7.B1. Round Table. Urban Agglomerations in Russia: the Choice of Development Model, Legislative and Regulatory Priorities
7.B2. Panel Discussion. Implementing and Monitoring National and Global Sustainable Development Goals: International Experience and Russian Practice
6.G7. Round Table. Strategic Master Plan for a City Part – a New Tool for Territorial Strategic Planning
6.B5. Strategic Session. Strategic Solutions for the Regions of the Russian Arctic, Siberia and Far East
6.B1. Expert Discussion. ‘Smart Specialization’ for Regions: How to Define and Move towards It
4.G9. Round Table. International and Cross-Border Intermunicipal Cooperation
8.G9. Expert Panel. Innovative Business Transfer Models: Challenges and Opportunities
A2. Side Event. Round Table Republic of Karelia: Experience of Fund-Raising and Interactions with Foreign Partners – Science, Education, Business, Culture, Environment
A4. Side Event. Academic Conference. Theory and Practice of Transition Management and Germany’s Experience in Implementing the Programme “City of the Future”
Public Lecture. Circular Economy. Fundamental principles
8.B2. Round Table. Strategic Energy Planning in Urban Districts: International Good Practices and Future Policy Perspectives
Coffee break
8.B4. Panel Discussion. Creating a Livable Urban Environment and Green Infrastructure as a Tool for Sustainable Urban Development
A1. Side event. Joint HELCOM-VASAB Maritime Spatial Planning Working Group Meeting
2.B4. Round Table. International Cooperation for Regional Development
Media Interviews
4.B2. Information Seminar-Dialogue The Baltic Sea Region: Russia-EU Transnational Cooperation Results and Perspectives
7.B4. Round Table. Prospects for Multilateral Cooperation in the Black Sea Region
4.B4. Plenary Session. New Economy and Creative Entrepreneurship: Regions in the Age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution
6.B4. Round Table. Maritime (Blue, Ocean) Economy: International Experience and Prospects to Outline Russia’s Position towards It
6.G9. Round Table. Strategic Audit: International Experience
Signing of the Agreement
Musical Greetings to Forum Participants at the First Plenary Session
Game of Goals 30/11/2019

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