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XVIII Strategic session-dialogue. Tools for strengthening cross-border cooperation between the regions of Russia and Belarus
Panel discussion. Implementation of the concept of sustainable development in the system of assessment and planning of regional development
Dispute. Is economic analysis necessary for strategizing?
Round table. The influence digital instruments on strengthening the investment attractiveness of the region
FIRST PLENARY SESSION. "Strong regions - strong Russia"
Final MSC-2023. Best Action Plan for Strategy Implementation
Round table. Directions for Improving Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations: Main Trends
Panel discussion. The vector of sustainable development in the new coordinate system: strategic planning, effectiveness of interaction, trusting partnership
Strategic session. How to manage Russia’s spatial development?
Round table. Formation of intersectoral interaction for the purposes of developing territories, settlements and increasing their human potential
Conference. Part 1. Modern approaches and solutions in planning sustainable urban transport systems
Session. Agglomerations: Combining Opportunities for Economic Growth
Final MSC-2023. Part 2. Best Action Plan for Strategy Implementation
Strategic session. Sustainable Development of Regions in a Changing Climate
Discussion session. Interregional cooperation: advantages, successful cases and development prospects
Conference. Part 2. Modern approaches and solutions in planning sustainable urban transport systems
Final MSC-2023. Part 3. Best Action Plan for Strategy Implementation
Round table. International Cooperation for Regional Development: African Focus
Panel discussion. Universities and the development of strategies for the development of cities and regions: the implementation of the third mission of the university
Session. Public transport is changing the face of the city
Session. Single-industry towns in a difficult socio-economic situation: ways out of the crisis
SECOND PLENARY SESSION. “Key stakes of the new strategy: human capital, technology, industry”
Strategic session. Industrial and technological policy of Russia
Session. Big data for strategic analysis
Expert discussion. Is it possible to rank regional strategies?
Session. Effectiveness of Strategic (Spatial) Planning and Effectiveness of Implementation Tools
Panel discussion. Tourism sovereignty: cooperation between the state and business
Session. The place of state and municipal control in the system of regional strategic planning
Strategic session. Master planning: development approaches and experience of Russian cities
Round table. Budgets of Russian cities in the face of new reality challenges
Sprint 1. Circular Economy Forum: From the Baltic to the Pacific
Round table. Application of intellectual methods and developments for the implementation of plans within the framework of Decree of the President of the Russian Federation No. 68
Panel discussion. The future of professional qualifications and education: a long-term outlook
Round Table. Planning for the development of the territories of St. Petersburg: challenges and solutions
Expert discussion. Pivot to the East: Export Deadlock or New Opportunities
Sprint 2, Circular Economy Forum: From the Baltic to the Pacific
Strategic session. Investments in regional development
Round Table. Agroprom. Implementation of new technologies in the focus of strategies
Expert discussion. City of the future
Panel session. Sea and city: adaptive management. Symbiosis of coexistence
Strategic session. Live and work in Russia
Award ceremony for the winners of the All-Russian competition "Young Strategists of Russia"
Awarding the MSC

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