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FIRST PLENARY SESSION. Strategic discussion: rectors about the future
SECOND PLENARY SESSION. Not spectacular, but effective: how evidence-based policies help achieve sustainable development goals
2.G7 Международная конференция. Combining Urban and Transport Planning — How to Deal with Street and Road Networks Congestion Using Urban Planning Methods
2.G9 ROUND TABLE. Local Self-Government: Development Paths
2.B1 Round Table. Regional budgets: challenges of a new reality
2.B3 ROUND TABLE. Developing a Social Innovation Ecosystem: NGOs, Social Entrepreneurship and Universities
2.B4. PANEL DISCUSSION: SDGs Implementation: Financing, Monitoring, and Best Practice in Cities and Regions
2.B5 ROUND TABLE. Investment Growth through Interregional Interaction Mechanisms
2.G10 ROUND TABLE. International Interregional Cooperation Amidst Overcoming the COVID-19 Pandemic
3.G7 International Conference. Combining Urban and Transport Planning — How to Deal with Street and Road Networks Congestion Using Urban Planning Methods
3.B4. XVI SESSION. Interreg Baltic Sea Region Dialogues: Results, Challenges and Joint Priorities
3.G10. ROUND TABLE. Government procurement and tenders for catering: how we feed children
3.B3 Round table. ESG Principles in Regional Strategy Development: Case of the Lipetsk Region
3.B5 Round table. Urban Areas and Macroregions: New Spatial Development Challenges and a Search for Balance in Strategic Planning
3.B1 Round table. The Arctic Territories: Specific Features and Strategic Development Subjects
3.G9 Brainstorm. Strategy for ensuring the availability and quality of medical care in hard-to-reach areas
4.B4. PANEL DISCUSSION. Cities for People of the 21st Century: Ensuring Safe, Smart and Attractive Urban Environment and Sustainable Mobility
4.B1 Competition. VII Municipal Strategy Contest 2021 “The Best Strategy Being Implemented in the Arctic”. Final
4.G7 Round table. Cross-Border Cooperation — In Action for Border Regions
4.G9 Round table. Regional Experience in Attracting Investment in Transport Infrastructure
4.G10 Round table. Regional Projects to Support the Fastest-Growing Tech Companies: Results Achieved and Future Prospects
6.В4. STRATEGIC SESSION. Game of Goals Sustainability Accelerator: Bet on Zero
6.G9. ROUND TABLE. Contribution of Companies to Sustainable Territorial Development: Priorities and Promotion Tools
6.B1 Brainstorming. Openness of Regional Authorities: Approaches, Practices, Development of Accountability
6.B3 Round table. Social forecasting in the development of strategies for regions and cities, for business and the non-profit sector
6.B5 Round table. Tourism Impact on Regional and National Socio-Economic Development
6.G7 Round table. Strategic planning system for the development of maritime activities in the Russian Federation and maritime spatial planning
7.B4. ROUND TABLE. Travel Futurology. Reconstruction of Sustainable Tourism in Russia
7.G7 Round table. Multilateral Regional Cooperation in the Black Sea Based on the Maritime Economy: Opportunities and Prospects
7.G9 Discussion. Regional Strategic Management Based on Big Data
7.B1 Discussion. Public Administration: Performance Criteria
7.B3 Round table. Creative Businesses in the Age of Uncertainty: Social Capital, Local Communities and Horizontal Communication
7.B5 Round table. New Management System for the Government Programs: Regional Level
8.G7. ROUND TABLE CLEAN CITY. Clean city: innovative technologies for waste and storm water treatment (results of the SHEM-WP project).
8.G10. WORKING MEETING. Prospects for international cooperation in the sustainable development of yacht tourism in Russia
8.G9 Round table. The (Post)-COVID-19 Reality: Resources for the Development of Cities and Regions
8.B3 Round table. The key settlements of the Russian Arctic - a new subject of development of the macroregion
8.B5 Panel discussion. Data as a platform for dialogue: government, science, business
"Be Healthy!" Morning with Doctor Shishonin

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