Contest » Seminar June 23

Seminar June 23

Video recording of the seminar


Alexey Borisovich Krylovsky, Managing Director of the LC-AV Consortium

Alexander Puzanov, General Director of the Institute for Urban Economics Foundation

Yulia Ryabkova, MSC-2023 Responsible Coordinator





15.04.2024 : Публикации участников XXI Форума стратегов

Тематический номер научного журнала «Региональная экономика. Юг России» – партнера Форума

21.11.2023 : A photo report from the Strategic Forum has been posted

All photos are available for download

15.11.2023 : Youth platform of the Strategic Forum

70 young talented people took part in the “Challenge Accepted” brunch for young scientists

08.11.2023 : Strategic Forum 2023 sums up the results

The XXI All-Russian Forum “Strategic planning in the regions and cities of Russia: grounding cooperation, strengthening cooperation” has completed its work

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