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Creative Businesses in the Age of Uncertainty: Social Capital, Local Communities and Horizontal Communication


The service sector and creative industries have proven most vulnerable to socio-economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite significant financial hardship, many projects have been able to weather the storm by focusing on partnering with local communities, on their own reputation and on multilateral collaborations. Joint crowdfunding programs, social media projects, futures and other innovative communication tools have helped traditional businesses as well, but it is the creative industries that have strongly benefited from transferring previously accumulated social capital to fill the funding gap.

Organizers: Creative Industries Support Foundation “Creative Practices”

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Artemenko Kirill, CEO

Artes Nadya, Selo ono moe. Producer of regional projects

Faustov Artyom, Vse Svobodny. Founder


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Shchukin Denis Creative Practices Foundation. Director

Creative Industries Support Foundation “Creative Practices”

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