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Online Forum events will be held on October 19-23 and October 30-31, 2020. Online events are for registered Forum participants and will be conducted via the Zoom platform. Registered Forum participants will be able to participate interactively using all the features of the Forum web platform and the Forumstrategov mobile application (questions for speakers, voting, remarks, and chat). Participants can also watch events on the YouTube channel “Strategic Planning Leaders Forum Live Streams”. Registration will be opened a week prior to each Zoom event.

Deadline to submit applications to hold an online event — October 10.


October 20, 14:00

Round Table “Market Leaders 2020 or the ‘Parade’ of Strategists” (rus)

Organizer: Resource Centre for Strategic Planning under Leontief Centre


October 21, 11:00

Online Conference “Climate Challenges and How It Affects the Largest Cities in Russia: The Case of Moscow” (rus)

Organizers: Ekograd. Moscow Journal of Ecology, Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Department at Moscow Government.


October 30, 10:00

Panel “Green Growth in Russia: Theory and Practice”

Organizers: Research group of Green Growth in the Russian Arctic’ project, Faculty of International Relations and Politics at North-West Institute of Management RANEPA


Series of webinars “Strategic Planning Before and After 2020” (rus) (May-September 2020)


15.08.2022 : Программный модуль

В разделе «Программа» появилось подробное описание всех акций Форума

04.08.2022 : Программа Форума стратегов

Размещена двухдневная программа Форума

15.07.2022 : Семинар «Территориальное стратегирование: ретроспектива и перспектива»

15 июля 2022 года в рамках серии Навстречу Форуму стратегов прошел семинар «Территориальное стратегирование: ретроспектива и перспектива»

14.07.2022 : Генеральный партнер Форума

Генеральным партнером Форума стала платформа доступа к данным «ИНИД»

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