Pre-Forum Activities

Pre-Forum Activities

V International GreenMobility Awards Ceremony

20 May 2022

Organizers: Green Mobility International Partnership Initiative, "Kolmas Karelia" Ltd, ICSER Leontief Centre, Skolkovo Foundation, Russian Geographical Society, Karelian Research Centre of the Russian Academy of Science, Tourism Department of the Republic of Karelia, ScanTour LLC. 



25.05.2022 : Навстречу Форуму. Green Mobility Award 2022

Навстречу Форуму. Cостоялась V Торжественная церемония вручения Green Mobility Award 2022

04.05.2022 : Strategic Forum 2022

The 2022 Forum will be held on October 31 – November 1

28.04.2022 : Journal “Regional Economics. South of Russia"

The issue of the journal “Regional Economics. South of Russia” based on the materials of the Strategic Forum 2021 has been published.

19.01.2022 : Meeting of the Forum’s Program Group

On January 19, a meeting of the Program Group of the Strategic Forum was held

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