Forum Programme Concept

Responding to the challenges of our time, the Russian state has set ambitious goals for itself and the country. The public administration system is adapting to a new reality, a project approach is being developed, and national projects and government programmes are beginning to work. Regional and municipal authorities strive to keep up with federal innovations. Those federal subjects and municipalities that better understand their priorities, recorded in strategic planning documents, are more likely to get beneficial impacts for their territories by being involved in the achievement of national goals. At the same time, “landing” of national goals on the territory and the involvement of territories in achieving national goals are of great importance for Russia’s successful development. That is the point of the Strategic Planning Leaders Forum 2019 Main Theme – National Goals and Territorial Impacts.

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Forum Thematic Lines

Line 1. National projects and regional priorities

Line 2. Strategic audit in public administration

Line 3. Strategic planning best practices (five years since the Federal Law № 172-FZ has come into force)

Line 4. Strategic partnership: from intermunicipal to international

Line 5. Implementing the 2030 Agenda: national projects for sustainable development of the cities and regions of Russia (Forum Green Day)

Youth Platform. Sustainable world: leaders of the future


Draft Round Table Topics

  • Life under Decree No. 204: integrating national goals into regional strategies
  • Spatial Development Strategy Implementation Plan
  • Smart Specialisation for regions: how to define and move towards it
  • The Arctic and the Far East: strategic perspectives
  • Strategies for macro-regions: the experience of the Angaro-Yeniseyskaya Sibir project
  • Comfortable urban and rural environment
  • Higher education institutions as a subject of territorial development
  • Strategic audit: from control to partnership
  • Strategic audit and regional strategies
  • Strategic audit: international experience
  • Five years since the Federal Law № 172-FZ has come into force
  • Strategic planning technologies: digitalization, artificial intelligence and cognitive participation schemes
  • Relationship of territorial development documents with budget planning documents
  • Strategic consultant and client: interaction models
  • Coalitions for developing urban agglomerations
  • Workshop by the strategy developer (Forum Third Day)
  • Strategy Contest 2019: rural settlements and municipal districts
  • International cooperation as a resource for regional and municipal development
  • The Baltic Sea Region: Russia-EU transnational cooperation results and perspectives 
  • Monitoring National and Global Sustainable Development Goals: international experience and Russian practice
  • Strategies and best cluster practices for transition to a circular economy for sustainable urban development
  • New urban mobility development prospects: how to ensure safety, efficiency and multimodality
  • The 2030 Agenda: how to make cities happy places to live for urban residents
  • Green infrastructure as a tool for sustainable urban development


18.06.2019 : Strategic Planning Leaders Forum 2019 Programme Committee Formed

Alexei Kudrin and Maxim Oreshkin have become co-chairs of the Strategic Planning Leaders Forum Programme Committee

07.06.2019 : Analytical Center for the Government of the Russian Federation Has Become a Partner of the Strategic Planning Leaders Forum 2019

Analytical Center for the Government of the Russian Federation has become a partner of the Strategic Planning Leaders Forum 2019

13.05.2019 : The VI Municipal Strategy Contest Will Include Municipal Districts and Rural Settlements

The VI Municipal Strategy Contest (MSC-2019) will be held in two categories: “The Best Municipal District Strategy 2019” and “The Best Rural Settlement Strategy 2019”

22.04.2019 : Registration to the Strategic Planning Leaders Forum 2019 is Now Open!

Registration to the Forum is now open! Benefits for regional and municipal authorities established.

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