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Challenges of Russia’s New Industrial and Technological Policy


Today, Russia needs to formulate and implement a new industrial and technological policy aimed at ensuring the implementation of national interests, taking into account the existing long-term challenges. The industrial and technological policy should be based on building value-added production chains with results - highly competitive products that are in demand on the domestic market and have a high export potential.
The regions have long been concerned at the strategic level with such work, making their own industrial policy a priority. Already today, the Social and Economic Development Strategies are be-ing implemented, within the framework of which industrial and technological initiatives have been worked out: "Tatarstan-2030", "Kuban-2030", "Lipetsk region-2030", "YANAO-2035.
Issues for discussion:
– Key global strategic challenges of the scientific and technological revolution in Russia.
– Priorities for the development of industrial and technological policy in Russia.
- Ways of avoiding import dependence in the conditions of the economic blockade of the country.
– New industrial and technological policy or import substitution policy: Russia in 5 years.

Organizers: Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, Leontief Centre – AV Group Consortium

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Krylovskiy Alexey Leontief Centre - AV Group Consortium. Managing director

Leontief Centre – AV Group Consortium

Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation

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