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Healthy cities: protecting the external and internal human environment


Physical, emotional, social health as factors of harmonious development are integral elements of a unified system of public health and suggest the need to develop an effective system of public administration in this area. Public health is an area of interdepartmental, intersectoral interaction that requires the development of systematic approaches to managing and monitoring the situation, taking into account the needs and potential of all stakeholder groups: the population, the state, business, NGOs, etc. Given the strategic national priorities, it is extremely important to introduce a social model of strengthening public health at the regional and municipal levels as a factor in long-term economic growth.
The Association is an intersectoral platform for the implementation of modern strategies and new management approaches to create a health-saving space in the Russian Federation. Preservation and development of human potential in each municipality is the priority of the Association. The discussion focuses on the following issues:
- institutional approaches to public health management, the role of regional and municipal authorities;
– healthy planning of urban and rural areas;
– formation of comfortable green public spaces.

Organizers: Association "Healthy cities, districts and villages", Council of Municipalities of St. Petersburg, Saint-Petersburg Cleantech Cluster for Urban Environment, ICSER Leontief Centre

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Shestakova Tatiana, Association "Healthy cities, districts and villages". Executive director

Belikov Vsevolod, Council of municipalities of Saint Petersburg. deputy of the Legislative Assembly of Saint Petersburg, Council of municipalities of Saint Petersburg

Mikhaylova Elena, Russian Public Opinion Research Center. CEO

Rybalchenko Sergey, Autonomus Non-Profit Organization for estimate of regulative influence of administrative decisions "Institute of Scientific and Social Assessment". CEO

Ilina Irina, NRU Higher School of Economics. professor

Tanicheva Anastasia, Non government organization "Russian Society of Cardiology". Executive director

Nurulin Yury, Peter the Great Saint-Petersburg Polytechnic University. Professor

Nesivkina Irina, UNITI Center for Positive Technologies. General Director


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Rashodchikov Aleksej Moscow Center of Urban Studies “City”. Chairman of the Board

Council of Municipalities of St. Petersburg

International Consortium “Saint-Petersburg Cleantech Cluster for Urban Environment”

ICSER Leontief Centre

Association "Healthy cities, districts and villages"

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