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Tourism as a driver of economic development


Being the largest job multiplier, tourism should become one of the drivers of diversification and change in the structure of the economy, with an emphasis on non-commodity sectors of the economy and non-commodity exports. Under the sanctions, a new reality is opening up for the development of domestic tourism, which plays a decisive role in the restoration of the Russian economy.

Organizers: ICSER Leontief Centre, International partnership initiative Green Mobility

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Trunova Natalia, Accounts chamber of the Russian Federation. Auditor

Popov Pjotr, Representation office of the Government of the Transbaikal region under the Government of the Russian Federation. Deputy Governor Zabaikalsky Krai – Head of the Representative Office Governments of the Trans - Baikal Territory under the Government Of the Russian Federation

Morozova Yuliia, Government of the Kamchatskiy krai. Deputy Chairman of the Government

Bakum Oleg, Russian Geographical Society, Leningrad Region Department. CEO "Kolmas Karelia" Ltd.


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Iakimenko Olga ICSER Leontief Centre. Head of Sustainable Development Projects and Internet Technologies, Green Mobility Partnership Initiative Coordinator
Zhanaidarov Kirill Skolkovo Foundation. Head of the Transport Department of the Skolkovo Foundation

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Green Mobility International Partnership Initiative

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