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Creative economy in the strategies of regions and municipalities: best practice


In the light of the proclaimed national development goals until 2030, the creative economy has become one of the key priorities of the socio-economic policy of the Russian Federation. The aggravated sanctions policy, associated primarily with closing access to technologies and products of intellectual activity and blocking supply chains, raises the question of a radical restructuring of the system of goals and objectives for the development of the creative economy, orienting it, first of all, towards the provision of technological, intellectual and personnel sovereignty of Russia.
How is the creative economy represented in strategic planning documents at the regional and municipal levels? What can be the system of development of the country’s creative economy? How do cities and regions see the goals of developing a creative economy? How does the creative economy affect regional and spatial development?

Organizers: Center for Strategic Research, Leontief Centre – AV Group Consortium

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Iljaeva Julija, Leontief Centre - AV Group Consortium. Head of the direction "Social Development"

Zvorykina Julija, Institute VEB. deputy director


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Karpushkin Ivan The Center for Strategic Research Foundation. Head of Creative economy
Efremova Anna Leontief Centre - AV Group Consortium. Head of the directions "Education" and "Creative industries"

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