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Regions in the mirror of national priorities


Presidential Decree No. 474 of July 21, 2020 identified five national development goals for Russia until 2030 related to the preservation of the population, the development of talents, the creation of a comfortable living environment, decent work, successful entrepreneurship and digital transformation. One of the main roles in the work to achieve the goals is given to the regions; the task of fulfilling national requirements comes to them through national projects. The implementation of national projects at the regional level is characterized by such problems as a lack of cofinancing resources, insufficient development of a number of indicators of national projects and a system for monitoring their achievement.
To assess the readiness of the regions for the implementation of national goals, the Consortium Leontief Center - AV Group (LC-AV, #LCAVteam) developed a methodology and conducted a retrospective analysis of key regional indicators that allow assessing the achievement of each of the 5 national goals. Based on the analysis, the “Regional readiness index for the implementation of national goals” will be formed and presented within the framework of the Forum of Strategists 2022.
Issues for discussion:
- Results of the implementation of the national goals - 2021: problems and ways to solve them.
– Regional experience in achieving national goals.
- New challenges facing the regions in the implementation of national projects.
– Necessary conditions for the involvement of business in the implementation of national projects.

Organizers: Leontief Centre – AV Group Consortium

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