Panel Discussion
The 2030 Agenda: How to Make Cities Happy Places to Live for Urban Residents


How to make cities livable, attractive, accessible and sustainable? This is a challenge that big cities and small towns face all over the world. Still, the main question remains: what does it take to make a happy city?
The pursuit of happiness is an inherent desire of every person on the planet. That is why cities must shift their focus towards a new paradigm called “Cities for People”. This is a human-centered approach, which implies a city planning on a human scale. Many cities throughout the world are already involved in reconfiguring cityscapes into cities for people, and their experiences will be presented at the panel discussion.
Can this approach claim the status of a new paradigm for urban planning in Russia? How do public spaces influence urban economy, culture and a cityscape? Can public spaces generate profits and so boost urban development? Can urban development plans, spatial and economic development strategies be centered around the paradigm “Cities for People”? What is meant by “Cities for People” and what are the possible scenarios for creating such cities? Are there any examples of the “Cities for People”? What sets them apart from other cities? What constraints may cities face on the way to turning into the “Cities for People”? Do Russian cities have the potential to follow this path?

Organizers: ICSER Leontief Centre, Skolkovo Foundation, Council of the Baltic Sea States, Initiative “Green Mobility – towards Clean, Healthy and Accessible Environment”, St. Petersburg State Institution “External Transport Agency”

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