Panel Discussion
SDGs Implementation: Financing, Monitoring, and Best Practice in Cities and Regions


An important area of implementation of the Sustainable Development Agenda in Russia is its promotion to the regional and local levels. The focus of the participants in the second cycle of the panel discussion is the application of the recommendations of the Accounts Chamber in terms of the organizational and managerial aspects of SDG integration, the development of a methodology, of systems for monitoring, audit and voluntary reporting at the regional and municipal levels. The first initiatives and experience of Russian cities and regions will be presented, as well as the best practices of implementing the 2030 Agenda and voluntary reporting of world leading cities in promoting the SDGs. At the end of September 2021, Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin signed a Government decree establishing the directions of concessional financing and criteria for selecting green projects, a package of basic documents for launching sustainable development projects in Russia and green financing instruments. The use of international instruments for responsible sustainable investment, the formation of a domestic system of green finance will allow attracting private capital to finance green and adaptation projects of cities and regions, as well as ensuring Russia’s contribution to the implementation of the global The SDG achievement agenda.

Topics to be discussed:

- Monitoring SDGs implementation in the regions of Russia: first results and development challenges.
- International recommendations and best practices of foreign cities - leaders in promoting the SDG agenda.
- Russian taxonomy of green projects and the first experience of green financing of regions.
- Russia-EU financial cooperation tools aimed at incorporating the SDGs into regional and municipal strategies.

Organizers: Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, Council of the Baltic Sea States, SGM Agency, ICSER Leontief Centre

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Zaitcev Dmitry, Accounting Chamber of the Russian Federation. Member of the Board

Tsvetov Anton, Ministry of Economic Development, Russia. Deputy Director, Department of Multilateral Economic Cooperation and Special Projects

Samojlova Marina, Territorial body of Federal state statistics service in the Rostov Region. Director

Monitoring the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals: the experience of the Rostov region

Loshkin Aleksej, Control and accounting chamber of the Chelyabinsk region. Chairman

Sustainable development is not the expected future, but our present

Kobyz Kristina, Pskov City Administration. Head of the Committee for Cross-Border Cooperation and Tourism

Rakhimova Nelya, Coalition on Sustainable Development of Russia (CSDR). Coordinator

Gronholm Bjorn, Union of the Baltic Cities - Sustainable Cities Commission. Head of Secretariat

Kopra Jukka, Member of Finnish parliament, Chairman of the executive board of South Carelian district. Member of the Parliament, Chairman of the Board, Regional Council of South Karelia

Japparkulov Askar, Eurasian Economic Commission. Director of Macroeconomic Policy Department


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Akhutina Daria Council of the Baltic Sea States. Senior Advisor, Department Head for Sustainable and Prosperous Region
Dolgikh Elena SGM Agency. General Director

Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation

Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation

Council of the Baltic Sea States

SGM Agency

ICSER Leontief Centre

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