Clean Air in Cities by 2030: Myth or Reality?


Over 50 million people in Russia live in polluted air. A very high level of pollution is observed in 18 cities with a total population of 3.3 million people.
To drastically reduce the level of air pollution in major manufacturing centers, including reducing emissions of air pollutants in the most polluted cities, the Clean Air federal project as part of the Ecology National Project is being implemented. The results of monitoring the federal project implementation indicate the risks of failure to achieve the set goal.

Organizers: Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation

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Timofeeva Olga, State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation. Deputy Chairman

Ordenov Gennadij, The Federation Council. Senator of the Russian Federation

Khramov Denis, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation. First Deputy Minister

Radionova Svetlana, Federal service for supervision of natural resources (Rosprirodnadzor). Head

Kirillov Vladimir, Government of Saint Petersburg. Vice-Governor of Saint Petersburg

Revich Boris, Institute of National Economics. Head of Department

The Clean Air federal project through the eyes of a physician

Sharoykina Elena, Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation. Chairman of the Commission on Ecology and Environmental Protection

Blinkin Mikhail, Intitute for Transport Economy and Transport Policy Studies of Higher School of Economics. Director

Ishkov Aleksandr, Public Joint Stock Company GAZPROM. Deputy Head of the Department – Head of Directorate, Doctor of Chemistry, professor

The role of natural gas in reducing emissions

Bezdenezhnyh Elena, JSC " RUSAL Management". Vice president - GR

The Ecology National Project. RUSAL enterprises

Gavrilov Vsevolod, Sberbank of Russia. Director Department of ecology and energy efficiency

Effective state aid mechanisms for projects aimed to reduce pollution emissions

Kulbachevsky Anton, Moscow city government department for environmental management and protection. Head of department

An integrated approach to protection of the atmospheric air: the case of Moscow

Martsynkovskiy Oleg, Scientific Research Institute for Atmospheric Air Protection. Director General

Summary calculations of air pollution as a basis for objective assessment of air quality improvement in cities: first outcomes


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Guseva Tatiana Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation. Deputy Director of the Research Institute “Environmental Industrial Policy Centre”

Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation

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