Brainstorming Session
Should Government Invest in Transparency?


The analysis by the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation showed the transparency of Russia’s federal Government is purely nominal. Although Government bodies are quite successful in providing information proactively, the biggest challenges occur when they interact with citizens, directly or indirectly.
At the same time, building a dialogue between Russian people and the Government strongly contributes to development of political, legal, financial and economic culture, and increases the level of citizens’ confidence in the government.
At the session, federal Government officials will tell about best practices of transparency and discuss the following topics with experts:
1. How does the “infrastructure” of Government transparency works (offline and online services, big data, human capital)? How justified are investments in information resources of Government bodies?
2. How to assess the effect of transparency? Who benefits from transparent Government?
3. How can Government become more transparent? What are the key barriers and constraints?

Organizers: Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation, ANO “Infoculture”, Center for Advanced Governance

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Demidov Pavel Accounts сhamber of the Russian Federation. Director of external communications Department

Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation

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Center for Advanced Governance

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