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Developing a Social Innovation Ecosystem: NGOs, Social Entrepreneurship and Universities


Meeting the challenges of social development and improving people’s quality of life depends heavily on scaling of new tech solutions and social technologies, which are tested and implemented by NGOs and social entrepreneurship organizations.
Examples include the long-term care programme implemented as part of the Demography National Project, the system of social orphanhood prevention, and the palliative care programme.
Universities are beginning to play an active role in this, becoming partners of the regions in developing NGOs and social entrepreneurship, and acting as think tanks, volunteer centers and business incubators.
More opportunities for social innovations are to be opened up in 2021, according to the decision on co-financing for social projects of NGOs by the Presidential Grants Foundation, supported by regions.

Organizers: Institute of Socio-Economic Design at Higher School of Economics, Presidential Grants Foundation

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Vainer Vladimir, National Research University Higher School of Economics (HSE). Head of the Center for Innovative Ecosystems in the Social Sphere, Institute of Social and Economic Planning


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Shadrin Artem Higher School of Economics, National Research University. Senior Director for Innovation Policy
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