Panel Discussion
Cities for People of the 21st Century: Ensuring Safe, Smart and Attractive Urban Environment and Sustainable Mobility


At the panel discussion, laureates and invited guests of the International Green Mobility Award will debate best initiatives, experiences and practices for implementing innovative projects and sustainable development strategies, reducing greenhouse gas and air pollutant emissions, transforming energy efficiency systems for the needs of the city’s life support, as well as creating convenient, affordable, attractive and green public spaces. A bright strategic event will be the presentation of the first Russian Plan for the Sustainable Development of the city of Pskov until 2030, in which the SDGs are integrated.
Live broadcast

Organizers: ICSER Leontief Centre, Partnership Initiative “Green Mobility – towards Clean, Healthy and Accessible Environment”, Skolkovo Foundation, Friedrich Ebert Foundation, St. Petersburg State Institution “External Transport Agency”, NPK Morsvyazavtomatica

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Popov Pjotr, Representative office of the Government of the Trans-Baikal region under the Government of the Russian Federation. Deputy Governor of the Trans-Baikal region - Head of the Representative Office

Donchenko Vadim, Joint-Stock company “Scientific and Research Institute of Motor Transport”. Research Supervisor. Deputy Chairman of THE PEP Bureau

Bratchikov Aleksandr, Pskovskoye oblastnoye Sobraniye deputatov. zamestitel’ predsedatelya Pskovskogo oblastnogo Sobraniya deputatov

Poznanski Grzegorz, Council of the Baltic Sea States Secretariat. Director General

Petrunina Irina, Gazprombank (Joint Stock Company). Deputy Head of Sustainable Development Hab Gazprombank (Joint Stock Company)

Prozherin Dmitrij, Committee for Industrial Policy, Innovations and Trade of Saint Petersburg. Deputy Chairman

Stukalova Natalia, Park Meshersky. Director


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Zhanaidarov Kirill Skolkovo Foundation. Head of the Transport Department of the Skolkovo Foundation
Iakimenko Olga ICSER Leontief Centre. Head of Internet Projects and Marketing Communications, Green Mobility Partnership Initiative Coordinator

St. Petersburg State Institution “External Transport Agency”

Skolkovo Foundation

Friedrich Ebert Foundation

Partnership Initiative “Green Mobility – towards Clean, Healthy and Accessible Environment”

NPK Morsvyazavtomatica

ICSER Leontief Centre

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