Round Table
Development Strategies for University Cities


A country’s competitiveness in modern times depends on the level of education and science. Today universities of Russia are in transition from being highly specialized educational institutions, which used to produce knowledge tailored to Russia’s industrialization needs, to a system producing innovations for the economy as a whole.
Topics to be discussed:
- university as the basis for innovative and educational ecosystem of a city and territory;
- university cities: how to balance between the interests of residents and “expats”;
- modern university campuses: development trends;
- how does the change in university strategy affect the territory?

Organizers: Center for Strategic Research

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Knyaginin Vladimir, Administration Of The Governor Of St. Petersburg. Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg

Alashkevich Mihail, VEB.RF. Senior vice president

Galazhinskij Eduard, National Research Tomsk State University. Rector

Zyrjanov Aleksandr, Investment Development Agency of the Novosibirsk Region. General Director

Shmeleva Irina, ITMO University. Chair of Sustainable Cities Lab

Harisova Elena, Far Eastern Federal University. Vice President for Perspective Projects and New Infrastructure


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Trunova Natalia Foundation "Center for Strategic Research". Vice President, Head of Spatial Development Division

Center for Strategic Research

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