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Strategic planning in the regions of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation


The high importance of the Arctic zone for the economy of the Russian Federation and the aggravation of geopolitical competition in the Arctic necessitate the development of a separate system of strategic planning documents aimed at implementing the state policy of Russia in the Arctic. An analysis of the strategic component of the development of the Arctic allows us to conclude that it is necessary to modernize the strategic management system.
Questions for discussion:
– Should each Arctic region develop in its own individual way?
- What strategic documents are the Russian Arctic regions currently guided by in their development and do they respond to external and internal challenges?
- Are changes needed in these strategic documents and in the legislative framework for the development of the regions of the Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation?

Organizers: NP "Expert Center "Project Office for Arctic Development", National Guild of Professional Consultants

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Sheluk Eugenia, Ministry of Economic Development, Industry and Science of the Arkhangelsk Region. Deputy Minister - Head of the Department for Strategic Planning, Territorial Development and State Programs

Maracha Viacheslav, National Guild of Professional Consultants. vice-president


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