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Evaluation of state programs: approaches and directions for improvement


Timely, demanded assessment of state programs is a critical tool for the development of program-targeted management. Despite the existing assessment formats (reviews of budget expenditures by the Ministry of Finance of Russia, annual assessment of the effectiveness of state programs by the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia - a new methodology should be developed before November 2022), their results are not taken into account when making management decisions. The Accounts Chamber proposes the following assessment format - express assessments of all state programs (both in terms of the quality of their formation and implementation), as well as “deep” assessments of individual state programs based on their results. In general, legislative acts need to be adjusted to integrate the procedures for assessing state programs into the budget process.

Organizers: Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation

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Tyupyshev Denis, Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation. Director of the Department


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Klimanov Vladimir Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration. Head of Center

Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation

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