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Import substitution as an imperative: problems, risks, prospects


Import substitution in the current situation is becoming a non-alternative direction of development for Russia. Historically, it was under the conditions of external pressure that the Russian economy showed high resilience and ability to adapt (industrialization, relocation during the Great Patriotic War, post-war re-construction...). True, the price of such adaptation turned out to be very high. The economy has risen to the challenge. Import substitution, which has been talked about a lot for many years, has become inevitable, and we need to look for a quick and effective response to this challenge. Much has already been done. The heads of economic departments of the Russian regions will share their experience in organizing alternative logistics, seeking access to technologies, accelerating technology-oriented R&D, creating/restoring domestic economic ties.

Organizers: St. Petersburg Government, St. Petersburg Committee for Economic Policy and Strategic Planning

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