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Unmanned electric water transport: we won’t take off, so we’ll swim


Hamburg and Venice are only a small part of the cities that use their waterways in the most rational and efficient way for the transport of passengers. Some cities even use water transport to transport goods, for example, in Paris there is a food delivery service along the Seine. Therefore, if cities have bodies of water such as rivers, canals, or lakes, they may consider water-borne public transport as an alternative to other modes of transport.
The theme of the panel discussion is related to the sustainable development of external transport in St. Petersburg with the possibility of scaling to other regions of the Russian Federation.

Organizers: ICSER Leontief Centre, Green Mobility International Partnership Initiative, St. Petersburg State Institution “External Transport Agency”, Skolkovo Foundation

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Bahmutskaja Aleksandra, St. Petersburg State Institution “External Transport Agency”. director

Kuznetsov Andrey, Astra Marin company Limited. General Director


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Iakimenko Olga ICSER Leontief Centre. Head of Sustainable Development Projects and Internet Technologies, Green Mobility Partnership Initiative Coordinator
Zhanaidarov Kirill Skolkovo Foundation. Head of the Transport Department of the Skolkovo Foundation

St. Petersburg State Institution “External Transport Agency”

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