[2023-09-15] / Discussion “Is it possible to rank regional strategies?”

How realistic is the search for reference models for regional development strategies? Is it possible to rank regional strategies according to the degree of their compliance with “models”? Is ranking of regional strategies appropriate? The expert discussion “Is it possible to rank regional strategies?”, which will be held as part of the Forum on October 31, will be devoted to finding answers to all these questions.


The discussion will be moderated by the director of the Resource Center for Strategic Planning at the Leontief Center, scientific director of the Strategic Forum, Boris Zhikharevich. Among the invited experts are the head of the Center for Regional Policy of RANEPA, director of the ANO “IROF” Vladimir Klimanov; Executive Director of Scientific Developments LLC Tatyana Krasnikova; Managing Director of the Leontief Center Consortium - AV Group Alexey Krylovsky; Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Economic Policy and Strategic Planning of St. Petersburg Lyudmila Starkova.

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