[2023-09-07] / Correction of the Master Plan of St. Petersburg

The Strategic Forum is hosting a round table “Planning for the development of the territories of St. Petersburg: challenges and solutions”, within the framework of which it is planned to discuss the draft of the new Master Plan of the Northern Capital until 2040.

Durihe master plan must be approved by the end of this year. In the short time remaining in the city, before providing electricity, there is an important and urgent task - to discuss, together with experts, the proposed project and take into account as much as possible the comments made during the the round table meeting, a number of questions will be raised that require urgent and reasoned answers:

  • Does the new Master Plan of St. Petersburg make effective use of planning in the changed realities?

  • What are the prospects for applying the CRT mechanism in St. Petersburg?

  • Will master planning be able to take its place in the urban planning policy of St. Petersburg?

In addition to discussing the key topic, the round table included two presentations dedicated to local issues: the CRT program for non-residential development in St. Petersburg, as well as the plan for the socio-economic development of the administrative district of St. Petersburg.

Organizers of the round table: LLC "KRT Development", the Government of St. Petersburg, NP "Russian Guild of Managers and Developers" and LLC "Center for Urbanism and Urban Planning of St. Petersburg State University".

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