[2023-06-26] / Seminar for MSC-2023 participants

On June 23, an online consultation seminar was held for potential participants in the IX competition of municipal strategies "The Best Action Plan for the Implementation of the Strategy" (MSC-2023), which takes place as part of the Strategic Forum.


The moderator of the session, Boris Zhikharevich, Director of the Resource Center for Strategic Planning at the Leontief Center, Scientific Supervisor of the MSC-2023, briefly spoke about the Strategic Forum in general and explained the choice of topics for the current competition. The representative of one of the co-organizers of the competition, Artyom Yudkin, executive director of the All-Russian Congress of Municipalities, made a welcoming speech and comments on the value of participation in the competition.


The participants of the seminar were presented two expert reports on the experience of the Consortium Leontief Center - AV Group in the development of action plans for the implementation of municipal strategies and the results of a study of changes in the goal-setting and content of municipal strategies and action plans for their implementation, as well as the organizational side of the competition - the procedure for submitting documents and competition schedule.


The seminar aroused great interest among the participants, more than 130 people from 35 regions of Russia registered, representatives of more than 90 municipalities took part in the event - from the Kaliningrad to the Amur region. The most active were the Lipetsk region, Krasnoyarsk and Krasnodar regions, from each region there were about 20 people at the seminar.


All seminar materials and recording will be posted on the MSC-2023 page on the of Strategic Forum website.

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