[2022-09-20] / Seminar "Ratings in strategic planning"

On September 20, as part of the Towards the Forum series of events, an online seminar was held, during which specialists from the Consortium Leontief Center - AV Group presented the results of their work on the analysis of the highest quality ratings of Russian regions in the form of a Rating of Ratings, as well as the rating Leaders and Outsiders of 18 ratings of Russian regions. The methodological problems of forming ratings were discussed on the example of the AV RCI Regional Competitiveness Index.

Presentations were made by Artur Batchaev, Head of the Territorial Strategic Planning Department of the ICSER ​​Leontief Center, Alexey Krylovsky, Managing Director of the Consortium Leontief Center - AV Group, and Andrey Efremov, Development Director of the Consortium Leontief Center - AV Group.

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