[2021-05-31] / Pre-Forum Activities. Extended Meeting of the Russian National Sub-Committee

On May 31, the extraordinary extended meeting the Russian National Sub-Committee (RNSC) was held as part of the national consultations on the Interreg Baltic Sea Region 2021-2027 Programme document.

The meeting was attended by the RNSC members and observers, representatives of federal ministries and authorities of the regions of the North-West Russia, Russian project partners of the Programme 2014-2020, representatives of relevant organizations and companies of the regions of the North-West Russia, associations, unions, councils, non-profit and non-governmental organizations, experts (about 50 people).

Opening remarks were made by Anna Popova, Deputy Director of Department of Development of Integration Projects and the CIS countries, Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation.

The Programme Managing Authority / Joint Secretariat provided information on the Programme document 2021-2027 and on the timeline to develop the Programme. Representatives of federal ministries of the Russian Federation spoke about the conditions for participation of Russian partners in the Programme 2021-2027 and about the outcomes of participation in the projects of the current Programme.

The future Programme discussion will be continued at the XVI session “Interreg Baltic Sea Region Dialogues: Results, Challenges and Joint Priorities”, October 25, as part of the Strategic Planning Leaders Forum.


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