[2020-05-20] / The Webinar “Regional Resilience in Strategic Planning” Took Place

On May 19, the second webinar out of a series “Strategic Planning Before and After 2020” took place. The series is organized by the Resource Centre for Strategic Planning under Leontief Centre in anticipation of the Strategic Planning Leaders Forum 2020.

Vladimir Klimanov, Dr. Econ. Sci., Head of Center for Regional Policy at RANEPA, Director of Institute for Public Finance Reform, made a presentation entitled “Regional Resilience in Strategic Planning”. He spoke about the term “resilience” and what is meant by this word in foreign studies, explained the difference between resilience and sustainability, and ranked the regions of Russia by resilience. The webinar was attended by over 50 experts and regional and local government officials.

Discussants included: Gabibulla Khasaev, Chair of Budget Committee, Samara Governorate Duma; Viacheslav Maracha, Research Project Manager, Scientific Research LLC; Boris Zhikharevich, Director, Resource Centre for Strategic Planning under Leontief Centre, and others.

The discussion participants agreed with the speaker that resilience is a basic feature of a territorial system (regional or urban), reflecting its ability to withstand shocks and adapt to changes in the external environment, whereas sustainability is understood as the ability of a system to balance the exploitation of resources and development. One might say that resilience is the ability of a system to recover successfully from shocks (economic, natural, technological, social, etc.) and return to a sustainable development path. Viacheslav Maracha cited a definition of resilience proposed by the Argonne National Laboratory — “the ability of an entity — e.g., asset, organization, community, region — to anticipate, resist, absorb, respond to, adapt to, and recover from a disturbance”. He also put forward a Russian analogue for the term “resilience” encompassing both sustainability and resilience. The task to find a Russian analogue is still far from complete, however, strategic planning should certainly focus on those characteristics of a region (or a city) that strengthen its resilience, such as: economic diversification, the entrepreneurial ecosystem, security, reliability of infrastructure, environmental protection, social capital.












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