[2020-05-08] / Resource Centre Anniversary Project “20 Years of Uniting Strategists”

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Resource Centre for Strategic Planning under Leontief Centre, and in anticipation of the Strategic Planning Leaders Forum 2020, the anniversary project “20 Years of Uniting Strategists” has been launched. The project includes a number of events:

  1. Series of webinars entitled “Strategic Planning Before and After 2020” featuring leading consultants, experts and practitioners. A cross-cutting topic for discussion – the accumulated experience of strategy development and the paths towards strategic planning’s methodology and technology modernization in response to the challenges of the current year.
  2. Collection of articles (reviews, notes) by experts from leading consulting teams and researchers, who describe their experience in strategic planning and its prospects (“Strategic Planning Leaders 2020”). This is a sequel to the publication “Strategic Planning 2010: Market Leaders” released 10 years ago.
  3. Round table on the present and future of strategic planning to be held at the Strategic Planning Leaders Forum. The round table will be held as a contest of consulting teams showcasing the latest developments in strategic planning technology to address the challenges of the current crisis.

The project “20 Years of Uniting Strategists” will help strategic planning consultants to effectively respond to the challenges of the current economic crisis exacerbated by the pandemic and to prepare to reconsider the existing regional and municipal strategies that are no longer relevant.

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