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The rapidity of technological change inspires and frightens. Being blind for the future and not preparing for it is just unreasonable, that’s why the Stakeholders of the Future becomes a key theme of the Strategic Planning Leaders Forum 2018.

Who are those actors who are interested in bringing the future closer today? Who is interested in social, political and technological changes? Are they involved in strategic planning? Are they heard by those who are developing strategies in 2018? How to consolidate the stakeholders that can plan and manage the future, ensure sustainable development, “making possible tomorrow what is impossible today” to meet the needs of present and future generations of Russians?

Who will be the stakeholders in the future, in 15-20 years? What kind of society do we want to see in 2040? Who will influence development, then: society as a whole, connected by social networks, financial elite, professional futurologists or even artificial intelligence?

The rapidly coming future, which brings opportunities and risks, will be a keynote discussion of the Strategic Planning Leaders Forum 2018.


The Strategic Planning Leaders Forum 2018 programme will reflect relevant requests from the community of strategists, centering around two thematic pillars:

  1. Strategic Planning Mechanics: four years have already passed since the planners and strategists relied on the 172-FZ “On strategic planning in the Russian Federation”. What did we understand during this time? What did we learn? Is it necessary to amend the law? Are there any effective schemes for organizing a planning process, forecasting and planning technologies, and tools to align plans vertically and horizontally? How to “revive” strategies?
  2. Content of Strategies: current trends, guidelines of strategic documents of the federal level, ideas and projects that promote development, smart economy, new sources of resources.


  1. Planning for the future and the future of planning.
  2. Human capital: stakeholders of change.
  3. Strategic planning best practices, technology planning news.
  4. Cooperation for regional development: international, interregional, intermunicipal.
  5. Balance towards humanism – a key to sustainable innovation in Russia (Forum Green Day).

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