The key theme of the Forum 2017 – Implementation Tools and Resources.

The weak record of implementing grand plans is the main reproach to strategy developers. Russia has already accumulated enough experience (in December 1, 2017 it was 20 years since the adoption of the new Russia's first strategic document – the Strategic plan of St. Petersburg) to be able to learn the lessons from the development and the implementation of past strategies.

Successful implementation of strategies is facilitated by:

  • strict selection of priorities;
  • ability to find a balance between ambitions and realism;
  • choosing the right implementation tools;
  • looking for implementation resources in the entire possible range;
  • all-inclusive consideration of the process of “strategizing – programming – budgeting”;
  • competent use of project management.

The strategy should point out at existing tools to support economic growth and/or the
necessity to create new instruments at the regional level. A qualified analysis of development
resources and development barriers, including institutional ones, is required.

Plans implementation will be the underlying theme of the Strategic Planning Forum 2017.


The Program of the Strategic Planning Forum 2017 will reflect relevant requests from the community of strategists and will involve two subject cores:

  1. Strategic Planning Mechanics: compliance with the 172-FL "On strategic planning in the Russian Federation", organization of work on planning, forecasting and planning technologies, schemes for linking vertical and horizontal plans, search and selection of implementation tools.
  2. Strategies’ Content: current trends, guidelines of strategic documents at the federal level, ideas and projects that promote development, smart economy, new resources to implement strategies.

Round tables are grouped into six thematic lines:

  1. Strategic documents at the federal level - regional implications.
  2. Implementation success factors: project management, tools, resources.
  3. Bringing the future closer: technological revolution, smart economy.
  4. Best practice of regional and municipal strategic planning, technology planning news.
  5. Sustainable development - the keynote of modern strategies (The Forum’s Green Day).
  6. International cooperation for regional development.
  1. Strategic triangle: strategizing - programming - budgeting.
  2. Combining strategic planning and project management.
  3. How to evaluate resources for strategy implementation?
  4. What will we finance from the budget: programs or projects?
  5. Federal Law №172: new regulatory legal acts that determine development and
    adjustment procedures of strategic planning documents.
  6. Synchronizing federal and regional documents: the unification of the unique.
  7. Strategic planning information support.
  8. Quality of forecasts: the possibilities of information technologies.
  9. Effective tools for public participation.
  10. Russia’s space: growth poles.
  11. Russia’s spatial development tools.
  12. Interregional projects support tools.
  13. A new tool for budget financing of major infrastructure projects - TIF (tax-increment financing).
  14. Best practice of strategic planning: review of current developments.
  15. Strategic Planning Forum Expertise: the analysis of draft strategies for a number of regions.
  16. The final of the contest "The most effective city strategy".
  17. Strategizing of scientific and technological development: decomposition of the federal
  18. Human capital: the lack of people or the excess of people?
  19. Technological state: managing changes.
  20. The green vector of technological breakthrough: strategy implementation tools for sustainable development of cities and regions.
  21. Sustainable transportation planning: mobility management strategies.
  22. The market of strategic consulting: shortage of qualified experts?
  23. Strategic consultant and customer: interaction models.
  24. International cooperation as a resource for regional development.
  25. Cross-border cooperation programs – strategy implementation tool.
  1. Strategies that have changed cities.
  2. City strategies under 172-FL
  1. Twenty years of the Strategic Plan of St. Petersburg.
  2. Twenty years of strategic planning in Russia.


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