Breakout Session
The Role of Universities in Innovative and Socio-Economic Development of Russian Cities


Universities are organizations whose activities are characterized by a multiplicity of results, which determines a multiplicity of influence channels of the universities on the socio-economic development of territories and urban agglomerations. Investments in higher education can be viewed as a mechanism for overcoming a whole range of challenges, such as lagging in innovation and technological development and social tension.
In this regard, current state education policies are increasingly focusing on developing universities as drivers of socio-economic growth in their localization areas. To meet this challenge, initiatives like building a university network and implementing the priority project “Universities as Centers of Innovation Space” have been launched in Russia, according to which universities should become centers of technological, innovative or social development of the region.
At the same time, universities are an integral part of the urban development. The higher education sector often turns out to be one of the most significant in the urban economy. In developed student centers, the share of students in the total population of the city can exceed 10%, a similar value can refer to the share of employed in universities in the total number of employed, and the total budget of universities can be 1.5 times higher than the city budget. This keeps current the task of building up activities aimed to develop higher education institutions for developing urban agglomerations. Questions to be answered during the discussion:
- What public policy instruments can be used to strengthen interaction between universities and city administrations and employers?
- How to increase the contribution of universities to urban agglomerations development?
- How to maintain balance between the tasks of global / national competitiveness of universities and focus on regional development issues?

Organizers: NRU HSE, Center for Strategic Research

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Froumin Isak, National Research University Higher School of Economics. Head of Institute of Education

Trunova Natalya, Center for Strategic Research. Vice President, Head of Division "Spatial Development"

Rusakov Alexander, P.G.Demidov Yaroslavl State University. Rector

Kadochnikov Sergey, National Research University Higher School of Economics, City of Saint-Petersburg (HSE - Saint Petersburg).. Director

Ogorodova Liudmila, Tomsk Region Administration. Deputy Governor for Science, Research and Education

Barannikov Kirill, Moscow City University. Head of the Department of Strategic Growth


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Leshukov Oleg National research university Higher school of economics. Head of the division "Regional studies of higher education", Institute of Education, HSE


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