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Regional Studies Association Conference 2018 «Urban and Regional Resilience: Strategies for Success»

The 2018 RSA Russian conference is an academic conference which offers a unique opportunity for meaningful knowledge exchange between the worlds of academia, policy and practice and which offers unparalleled access to key figures in our fields.

This conference will bring together researchers and practitioners from different countries interested in urban and regional development, new development path creation, and urban and regional resilience.

The notion of urban resilience cuts across the debates in theory and practice. At the theoretical level, it has allowed linking of debates in regional geography, urban planning, and policy studies. At the practical level, policy-makers are concerned with issues of implementation and the gap between policy design and delivery. Current debates are dominated by structural factors and explanations, but the role of agency and leadership is rising up the research agenda in regional studies, political science and management.

Conference key themes:

  • Urban and regional resilience
  • Small cities after decline
  • Small cities in non-core areas: local, regional and national policies on their shrinking and/or revival
  • Local self-government and inter-budgetary relations
  • Strategies and instruments of re-growth and reindustrialization for cities and regions
  • Strategies and patterns of urban/regional post-industrial development
  • Inter-municipal cooperation
  • Planning for metropolitan areas and regional design
  • Human capital, industrial specialization and innovation in urban development
  • Social/civil capitals and institutions in urban development
  • PPPs in urban development
  • International, national and regional cohesion policies and inequalities

Conference Program Committee

Abstract and Session proposal submissions

We welcome abstracts and session proposals from all academics, students and those working in policy and practice. The event is inclusive and offers networking opportunities for all in our field. Please submit proposals in the form of a 250-500 word abstract (text only, no pictures, graphs or tables) through the Regional Studies Association online portal by 3rd September 2018.

The conference registration is open to both RSA members and non-members.

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13.08.2018 : Mass Media Accreditation at the Strategic Planning Leaders Forum 2018 Is Open

Journalists and press services of authorities wishing to cover the XVII Strategic Planning Leaders Forum, required to be accredited until October 15, 2018.

06.08.2018 : Preparations for the Forum Are in Full Swing: the Programme Committee Meeting Held in Moscow

19 members of the Programme Committee of the XVII Strategic Planning Leaders Forum met on August 1 in Moscow at the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia to discuss current organizational issues of the upcoming event.

26.07.2018 : MSC–2018 News: One Month Left to Enter the Contest

Applications for the V Municipal Strategies Contest (MSC–2018) are accepted until August 25. Being a contestant is not only a chance to win, but to prove once again that your strategy is well developed. This is an opportunity to share experience: to tell about successes and difficulties, methodological findings, development projects.

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