[2018-10-22] / Maxim Oreshkin and Alexey Kudrin Held a Dialogue at the Strategic Planning Leaders Forum

A discussion on new challenges and mechanisms of strategic planning between Maxim Oreshkin, Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, and Alexey Kudrin, Chairman of the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation, opened the Strategic Planning Leaders Forum.

Participants discussed a system for implementing new May Decree. Minister noted that national projects are just a tool for achieving goals. Alexey Kudrin drew attention to cumbersome management system of achieving goals and the lack of structural changes, but marked the emergence of personal responsibility for achieving goals as a positive point. Among potential areas of concern, Kudrin outlined a system for monitoring indicators. According to him, 65% of the stated indicators require calculation methods, most of which are planned to be developed before the 4th quarter of 2019, and some even later. This raises the challenge of monitoring the achievement of goals, which is a matter of particular concern for the Accounts Chamber. Maxim Oreshkin, in turn, assured the audience that all main indicators are monitored statistically, and also pointed out the main thing is to control the upper goal, not the particular indicators of national projects: “It’s terrible when all indicators recorded in the national project are achieved, but the national goal is not.”

At the end of the discussion, the moderator Boris Zhikharevich asked participants to give advice to the regions on incorporation into new management system of achieving the national goals. Minister advised to focus on the national goals, and the Chairman of the Accounts Chamber, on the contrary, believes region should have its development strategy, which should not always coincide with the federal strategy and indicators. Maxim Oreshkin agreed: “The success of achieving development goals is not some abstract success at the federal level; it is the success of each specific region.”

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