[2021-09-30] / Improving strategic planning in the Russian Federation

On September 27, a meeting of the Security Council was held under the chairmanship of Vladimir Putin via videoconference, during which measures were discussed to improve the system of strategic planning in the Russian Federation. The President noted that "the current practice does not provide an integrated approach to strategic planning. For example, a number of documents - primarily at the regional and municipal levels - are sometimes inconsistent with each other in terms of goals and deadlines, and during their implementation it is not always possible to establish proper interagency cooperation". 
The head of state has identified five areas for improving the strategic planning system. The Security Council has considered and approved the draft of the "Fundamentals of the State Policy in the field of Strategic Planning in the Russian Federation." The considered draft of the Fundamentals will be finalized and submitted for approval by the head of state in November this year. Its preparation was carried out at the direction of the President with the participation of state authorities, academic and expert community, and civil society institutions.
Based on materials from the official website of the President of Russia and the official website of the Security Council

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