[2020-06-30] / The Webinar “The Ideal Strategic Planning Model: Methodology and Planning Process” Took Place

On June 29, the fourth webinar out of a series “Strategic Planning Before and After 2020” took place. The series is organized by the Resource Centre for Strategic Planning under Leontief Centre in anticipation of the Strategic Planning Leaders Forum 2020.

Presentations were made by Viacheslav Maracha, Research Project Manager at Scientific Research LLC, Vice President of National Guild of Professional Consultants, Advisor to Managing Director of Leontief Centre – AV Group Consortium, and Tatyana Krasnikova, Executive Director of Scientific Research LLC.

Viacheslav Maracha described the strategic planning model in Russia amid world trends and realities of Russia’s public administration system. According to the speaker, to address modern challenges, the following characteristics of strategic planning should be strengthened: inclusiveness, adaptability, inclusion in the institutional system, and diversity.

Tatyana Krasnikova shared the results of an expert survey on the relevant issues of strategic planning. The survey was conducted in May 2020 and inсludes 45 respondents. The survey respondents draw attention to the need to focus on scenario development and risk analysis, rely on digitalization, strengthen vertical alignment of strategies while improving strategic adaptability, and use project management methodologies in strategy implementation.

Comments given by Valery Efimov, Siberian Federal University, took the discussion on the next level — on the need to understand the differences between ideal strategic planning models used by countries with different political and economic environments. Vladimir Tsybatov, Samara State University of Economics, made valuable additions concerning scenario development and resilience to shocks  he proposed, along with the most likely scenarios, to consider trajectories generated by adaptive scenarios. The latter ones are implemented in response to external shocks. Discussants also include Irina Grishina, Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, Russian Foreign Trade Academy of the Ministry for the Economic Development of the Russian Federation, and Irina Gerasimova, Lead Researcher at Central Economics and Mathematics Institute RAS.

Watch the full recording of this webinar on the Leontief Centre YouTube channel “Strategic Planning Leaders Forum Live Streams”.

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