Regions of Russia – Competition or Partnership?


The potential to accelerate economic growth in Russia largely depends on unlocking the potential of Russian regions. However, most investment projects in the regions have a local character. The share of trade and economic relations between the regions in the gross domestic product is insignificant. There are very few examples of successful implementation of interregional projects with close cooperation ties established. The partnership of the regions doesn’t have an institutional framework and direct federal support. At the same time, without comprehensive efforts to boost interregional cooperation, it is impossible to start a spatial cooperation within the Russia’s economy.
Issues to be discussed:
- examples of successful interregional projects – what is the reason for their success?
- factors and risks that negatively affect interregional cooperation in Russia – how to influence them?
- forms of regional cooperation and mechanisms for supporting joint projects – how to make cooperation effective and mutually beneficial?

Organizers: Analytical Center for the Government of the Russian Federation

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Elin Alexey, Ministry of Economic Development of the RF. acting director of the Department for spatial development planning

Yalov Dmitry, Government of the Leningrad Region. Deputy Chairman of the Government, Chairman of the Committee for Economic Development and Investment Activity

Korostelev Dmitry, Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Kamchatka Region. Minister

Bortsevich Ilya, Ministry of State Administration of the Novgorod Region. Minister

Zhirnel Evgeny, Committee for Economic Development and Investment Activity of Leningrad region. Deputy Chairman of the Committee

Zemlyanskii Dmitrii, Council for the Study of Productive Forces. Chairman

Antipin Ivan, Ural State University of economics. Associate professor

Furschik Moises, FOC Company (Financial and organizational consulting). Managing partner

Interregional Tourism Projects

Efimov Stanislav, Analytical Center of the Government of the Russian Federation. Deputy head of department


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Pryadilnikov Mikhail Anlitical Center for the Goverment of the Russian Federation. Deputy director


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