Greetings » Welcome Address of the Chairman of the Board at Centre for Strategic Research Alexei Kudrin

Welcome Address of the Chairman of the Board at Centre for Strategic Research Alexei Kudrin

Dear Colleagues!

The Strategic Planning Leaders Forum held in St. Petersburg for 16 years has a major impact on a quality of planning in the country.

Forum 2017 is especially interesting to attend due to several points.

Firstly, the broad public discussion on the further development of Russia occurs now. External and internal circumstances make impossible for our country to move forward without the strong strategy adopted by key stakeholders. Every region also needs a strategy. The Forum will help us to check our positions.

Secondly, the Forum includes a number of events dedicated to the anniversary program "20 Years of Strategic Planning in Russia". The Strategic Plan for St. Petersburg adopted in 1997. Over the last 20 years, we have accumulated much experience that makes it possible to identify the success factors, recourses, and tools supporting an implementation of strategic plans.

The special attention within the Forum’s program will be paid to holding the Year of Ecology in Russia. 17 Sustainable Development Goals set by the UN in 2015 affect priorities for Russian regions. In this way, Forum participants will be able to study valuable foreign examples of city efforts to reach SDGs.

It has been a long time since the Strategic Planning Leaders Forum existed as a two-day event. We constantly keep in touch with social networks and follow publications of our colleagues.

But the value of our direct communication is only increasing. I am sure that meeting of strategic planning specialists in St. Petersburg on October 23-24 will be useful and pleasant for everyone!

See you at the Strategic Planning Leaders Forum!


18.06.2018 : Новая номинация Конкурса муниципальных стратегий 2018

Оргкомитет III Общероссийского форума стратегического развития «Города России 2030: цифровое будущее» предложил новую номинацию для V Конкурса муниципальных стратегий - «Умная стратегия – умный город». К участию приглашаются МО с населением не более 300 тыс. чел., принявшие/обновившие стратегию развития в период с 28.06.2014 по 01.08.2018.

18.06.2018 : Предварительная программа Форума

18 июня в Минэкономразвития России прошло совещание по обсуждению первой редакции списка заявок на организацию мероприятий в рамках Форума стратегов 2018.

28.05.2018 : Call for Applications at the V Municipal Strategies Contest Is Open

The V Municipal Strategies Contest (MSC-2018) within the Annual Strategic Planning Leaders Forum of the Regions and Cities of Russia: Stakeholders of Change (Strategic Planning Leaders Forum) has started. Submit application until August 25, 2018.

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