Leaflet “20 years of the Strategic Plan of St. Petersburg”

On December 1, 1997 the planning document of a new type – the Strategic Plan of St. Petersburg was adopted in St. Petersburg. For the first time in Russia, the communicative planning approach was used: over 1000 stakeholders were involved in discussions, organizational structures for the Strategic Plan were set up, public discussions and polling were held, foreign experience was analyzed, and strategic planning experience accumulated previously was summarized. 

Methodological and organizational support for development and implementation of the document was carried out by the Project Office for the Strategic Plan of St. Petersburg, specially established by the order of the Governor of St. Petersburg on the basis of the International Center for Social and Economic Research "Leontief Centre".

The Strategic Plan of St. Petersburg was adopted by the General Council, with all 143 members having signed the Declaration.

Film “The Strategic Plan of St. Petersburg”, 1997

Video “The Strategic Plan of St. Petersburg Conference”

Based on the monitoring held in 2002, 75% of the 211 measures of the Strategic Plan have been implemented or were being successfully performed.

The revival of the historical city center was one of the main points of the Strategic Plan of St. Petersburg.

Film “St. Petersburg City Center Rehabitation. Pilot Projects”

The project, implemented with the World Bank’s loan funding, involved three pilot projects:

The Investment Strategy for Rehabilitation of the Center of St. Petersburg was developed in 1999.

The anniversary of the adoption of the first strategic plan in Russia and the 20th anniversary of strategic planning in Russia are to be marked with several special events within the XVI All-Russia Forum "Strategic Planning in the Regions and Cities of Russia: Implementation Tools and Resources", October 23-24, 2017.


29.06.2018 : Forum Programme Published on the Website

The preliminary Forum Programme is published on the website. The Programme includes 27 various events grouped by thematic lines.

26.06.2018 : Tatarstan Is Ahead of Target Again

Bugulminsky District of the Republic of Tatarstan has become the first to apply for the V Municipal Strategies Contest 2018.

18.06.2018 : Municipal Strategies Contest 2018 – New Category Launched

The Organizing Committee of the III All-Russian Strategic Development Forum "Cities of Russia 2030: Digital Future" put forward a new category for the V Municipal Strategies Contest – "Smart Strategy - Smart City".

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